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Accounts Receivables Factoring

Accounts Receivable financing (Factoring) enables a company to sell its accounts receivable in order to provide cash for payroll, materials and other company expenses. Factoring allows a business to grow without additional debt or equity. Factoring advances are available within 24 hours of the customer’s confirmation of delivery of goods or services.

Key Elements:

  • Raise capital by selling accounts receivables at a discount to a third-party funding source
  • The application required to establish a factoring relationship is much simpler than other types of financing
  • Factoring does not require any collateral in form of assets and guarantors or require you to give out part of your business ownership
  • Factoring does not increase debt
  • The Company decides which invoices to factor
  • EPIC manages the receipt and accounting of collections
  • Cost may be offset by early payment discounts on trade payables
  • Predictable cash planning for the Company
  • A variety of confirmation options and structures available

Inventory loans are based on appraised values of raw materials, work-in-process, and finished goods. Financing available on inventory alone or in conjunction with other finance options.

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