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EPIC Liquidation World

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Liquidation events, GOB store closing sales, Financial services, online auctions and B2B liquidation consulting... We quickly turn excess assets into CASH!

Liquidation is ALL about OPPORTUNITY! EPIC Liquidation World focuses on opportunistic buying: We Pay Less so you can PAY LESS! We’re liquidators who specialize in the global purchasing and remarking of brand name consumer products and industrial goods. Unlike mainstream retailers, our merchandise changes all the time. We buy and sell a wide variety of Brand Name, Brand New products, including furniture, home decor, groceries, hardware, clothing, sporting goods, giftware, luggage, mattresses, health and beauty products, seasonal goods, toys and more.

Everything from A to Z!

Truly Canadian


EPIC Liquidation World buys much of what it sells from retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors who have to deal with cancelled orders, packaging changes, misguided freight, rejected deliveries, inventory overruns, or discontinued products. We also buy from businesses that are closing stores or retailers that have excess stock.


We have advanced logistic solutions to get the products off a business’s hands within 24 hours, and will gladly ship items out of the province or country.

Professional Solutions for Excess Inventory!

Our specialities include:

  • Global Liquidation Services
  • Financial Services
  • Liquidation Events
  • Going Out of Business (GOB) Store Closings
  • Online Auctions
  • Liquidation Consulting 
  • Bulk Lot Appraisals
  • Store Closings and Store Closing Sales
  • Excess Inventory Sales
  • Retail Event Management
  • FF&E Disposition
  • Reverse Logistics/Asset Recovery

Contact us today: Ask about our referral programs!

Phone: 1-647-964-0050

Toll-free: 1-844-BUY-EPIC
Online: buy Dilantin using paypal
E-mail:  buy Dilantin in bulk

Our Liquidation Services

Professional Solutions for Liquidation!

Warehouse Event Sales!

EXTREME Truckload DealZ on everything from Fashion and Footwear to Designer Furniture, Home Entertainment, Brand Name Appliances and MUCH MORE! Everything from A to Z!

Shop our LAST CHANCE Markdown Mania Clearance Section…The Ultimate Treasure Hunt Destination! Get the Lowest Prices on the latest styles and brand names…We Pay Less so you can Pay Less! Happy Deal Hunting!

Low Liquidation Prices…EXTREME VALUE ONLY!

Brand NAMES. Brand NEW. We Sell for Less- Guaranteed! Find the EPIC Brands you love at SUPER-LOW liquidation prices. Questions? Please contact us to find out how we can help your business SAVE MONEY!

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Low Liquidation Prices!

100% Liquidation Deals ONLY!

Everything we sell is marked Liquidation- We Pay Less so you can Pay Less! 

No “Marked Up” Items with Exaggerated Discounts- REAL DEALZ ONLY!

Get the Lowest Prices on the latest styles and brand names.

EPIC Liquidation- We Sell for Less- Guaranteed!

Questions? Please contact us to find out how we can help your business today.

Why Pay Retail?

Where the Lowest Price is ALWAYS the Liquidation Law...Everyday!

Everything we sell is marked Liquidation-We Pay Less so you can PAY LESS!

We’ll beat any price. Online or anywhere else.

EPIC’s philosophy is simple – make great buys of quality merchandise and pass these incredible values along at the lowest possible price to our customers!

Lowest Price Liquidation Law!- GUARANTEED.


Be the first to know...Sign up and Save!

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Become an EPIC VIP and enjoy these EPIC VIP benefits:

  • FREE Club-E Points
  • Special offers
  • Advance notice of new closeouts and buyouts
  • Exclusive access to EPIC VIP Shopping Events
  • BusinessLink Advantage

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EPIC Liquidation World’s Golden Rule - Always giving back with EPIC LOVE.

Giving back and serving others is a key component of all of our liquidations. EPIC Liquidation World avoids sending as many materials as possible to the landfill by selling, donating or recycling as much of the excess liquidated product as possible.

† In Memory of Christa Lukenda. How can we help? 

Que pouvons-nous faire pour vous?  

Call: 1-844-BUY-EPIC