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EPIC Liquidation World specializes in procurement and has strong relationships with suppliers in a variety of industries.

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    When our suppliers have a liquidation or closeout sale we’ll let you know about it so you can take advantage of the best deals available on the merchandise, supplies, raw materials, equipment, machinery and fixtures that meet your business’ needs.

    Best of all, our procurement services are FREE and there is no obligation to purchase anything. Give us as much information in your message about what you currently buy or would like to buy, the quantities you normally buy or would like to buy and your current cost or the price you would like to pay. As deals in your areas of interest become available, we will notify you directly with information of the available merchandise.

    Attention Vendors – Do you have liquidation closeout merchandise to sell us?

    To get your FREE listing, please complete and submit your information along with some details of what you are selling.

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