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Get your Free, no obligation quote today-Our expertise and experience mean that we can help your business grow! With a few simple steps, we’ll have your business up and running with the perfect working capital solution.  Let us handle all the details finding the right funding solution. We offer clients a customized and flexible approach for almost any financing. We understand that every penny counts in business and earning the most favorable return on every transaction is important to your company.

A successful transaction is more than just funding, monitoring and repayment, a successful transaction ensures a ‘win-win’ outcome for all parties involved and fosters a relationship for repeat business. This is the cornerstone of EPIC’s governing philosophy. 

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Options for Almost Any Type of Loan:

  • Flexible and customized deal structures available to meet transaction requirements
  • Loan limits range between $250,000 to a maximum of $5,000,000


We help manufacturers, importers, retailers and wholesalers convert surplus assets and inventory into cash – quickly and easily. If you are a financial services company, insurance company, or other types of organization, we can also help solve your asset financing problems and provide value to your business.


Let us help make a lasting impression on you. When you deal with EPIC, you are dealing with a personal growth expert who can help you navigate your options. 

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