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Merchant Cash Advance | What is it?

A Merchant Cash Advance is an alternative to a traditional business loan. In exchange for cash up front, your business agrees to pay back what you owe as a fixed amount from your daily credit card sales until the debt is settled. Merchant Cash Advances draw quick cash into your business to give you the resources you need to grow. At EPIC Financing, we understand no two businesses or business owners are alike. That is why we look at each scenario individually to ensure that our clients get the funding that best fits their business goals and needs.

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    Merchant Cash Advances to Meet All Your Business Needs

    • Leverage your future cash flows into capital you can use for your business right now
    • A flexible financing option, tailored to meet your retail business needs
    • No fixed payments, no fixed term, and no specific collateral required
    • Pay off your balance faster when sales are strong, and benefit from smaller payments when business is slow
    • Access working capital
    • Finance capital expenditures
    • Accommodate growth and acquisitions
    • Refinance existing corporate debt
    • Repurchase stock
    • Finance dividend payments
    • Facilitate management buyouts

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